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Conversations from SEMICON West Hybrid 2021 – Day One

December 13, 2021 Françoise von Trapp Season 1 Episode 22
3D InCites Podcast
Conversations from SEMICON West Hybrid 2021 – Day One
Show Notes

As part of our SEMICON West Hybrid 2021 podcast series, Françoise spent lots of time on the show floor, catching up in person with 3D InCites community members to find out how business has been since the last time they saw each other at SEMICON West in 2019. In addition to talking about what they are showcasing in their booths, top of mind topics included the chip shortage, supply chain issues, the talent shortage, managing growth, efforts in sustainable manufacturing, and their hopes and dreams for 2022. 

In this first episode, we hear from: 

  • Dragan Cekic and Victoria Barnes of YES, who talk about the importance of maintaining proximity to customers; and their approach to talent acquisition across the globe as the company expands its infrastructure to provide “boots on the ground” support to customers locally. 
  •  Faraz Shoukat and David Ratchkov of Anemoi Software – a brand new start-up that has developed thermal solver solutions for 3D IC and heterogeneous package design.  They share their origin story, how they identified the problems with thermal management and teamed up to develop the solution. 
  • Garret Oakes and Dave Kirsch, of EV Group, who talk about how EVG is handling industry growth, and growth as company, and EVG’s Heterogeneous Integration Competence Center makes it possible to support HI designers who can come in and use technology to develop their solutions.
  •    Mike Plisinski, CEO of Onto Innovation, who talks about navigating a merger, acquisition, and re-brand through the pandemic followed by the rapid growth of the company. He also talks about the company’s competitive edge with AI technology implemented in its tools to support smart manufacturing. 

Find all of today’s speakers on LinkedIn: 

·      Victoria Barnes 

·      Dragen Cekic

·      Dave Kirsch 

·      Garret Oakes

·      Mike Plisinski

·      David Ratchkov 

·      Faraz Shoukat


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