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Scott Hayes and Amy Lujan Talk About The History of IMAPS DPC and The Line-up for 2024

February 15, 2024 Francoise von Trapp, Scott Hayes, Amy Lujan Season 4 Episode 5
3D InCites Podcast
Scott Hayes and Amy Lujan Talk About The History of IMAPS DPC and The Line-up for 2024
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The International Microelectronics and Packaging Society’s Device Packaging Conference (IMAPS DPC) celebrates its 20th year this year. The conference takes place March 19-21, in Fountain Hills, AZ. 

 In this episode, Françoise von Trapp speaks with Scott Hayes, General Chair, IMAPS DPC, and Amy Lujan, General Chair-Elect of IMAPS DPC about the history of this event, and what sets it apart from IMAPS annual Symposium. 

This year’s event will focus on heterogeneous integration and growth drivers for packaging, with speakers from companies like AMD, Intel, Facebook Reality Labs, and more. The General Business Council session will focus on Chips for America funding, doing business in China, and the significant growth of the U.S. semiconductor supply chain, particularly in Phoenix, AZ. 

 You’ll learn about the key applications driving technology advancements in autonomous vehicles, radar, and high-performance computing. During the panel discussion, you’ll learn about the next killer app and its potential impact of the semiconductor industry. 

Hayes and Lujan also discuss all the networking opportunities and fund raising activities that you can take part in. 

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Scott Hayes, Technical Director, NXP Semiconductors 

Amy Lujan, Vice President, SavanSys

Registration for IMAPS DPC can be found here. You can also register for the Golf Tournament and Hike for DEI at the same time. 

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 International Women’s Day is March 8th, and to celebrate, we’re partnering with SEMI to bring you an episode on how companies are fostering and implementing DEIB and allyship in their corporate culture. We’re looking for a few mentor/mentee pairs who are interested in sharing there story, as part of the episode. If you’d like to participate, drop me a line at francoise@3DinCites.com. Interviews must take place by February 23 to be included. 

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IMAPS Device Packaging Conference
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(Cont.) Scott Hayes and Amy Lujan Talk About The History of IMAPS DPC and The Line-up for 2024