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Paul Triolo talks about Geopolitical Headwinds Impacting the Semiconductor Industry

January 25, 2024 Françoise von Trapp / Paul Triolo Season 4 Episode 2
3D InCites Podcast
Paul Triolo talks about Geopolitical Headwinds Impacting the Semiconductor Industry
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Show Notes

At SEMI ISS, Paul Triolo, Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) delivered a presentation on the geopolitical headwinds impacting the semiconductor industry in 2024. He explains challenges of industrial policies, export controls, and supply chain perturbations. 

 Triolo is Senior Vice President for China and Technology Policy Lead at ASG, where he is also an Associate Partner. He advises clients in technology, financial services, and other sectors as they navigate complex political and regulatory matters in the US, China, the European Union, India, and around the world.

In this episode, Françoise von Trapp talks with Triolo about why understanding the geopolitical climate is critical for industry leaders to develop successful strategies. They discuss how geopolitics is disrupting the $5 Trillion information and communication technology sector. 

 You’ll learn about:

  • The US’s “Carrots and Sticks” approach to semiconductors. 
  • The potential outcome from regional semiconductor manufacturing silos being created by the various CHIPS Acts. 
  • What’s happening with China and Taiwan
  • India’s efforts in building a semiconductor infrastructure and ecosystem 

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A global association, SEMI represents the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

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