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SEMI Europe 2023: How Do We Cultivate the Semiconductor Workforce of Tomorrow?

December 14, 2023 Cassandra Melvin/ Various guests Season 3 Episode 43
3D InCites Podcast
SEMI Europe 2023: How Do We Cultivate the Semiconductor Workforce of Tomorrow?
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In this episode, which was recorded live at SEMICON Europa 2023, Françoise hands over the mike to Cassandra Melvin, Senior Director of Business Development and Operations at SEMI. She led the session during the Fab Manager Forum on How To Cultivate the Workforce of Tomorrow and moderated a panel discussion on Achieving EU Ambitions Through Successful Recruitment and Retention. It highlights the instrumental role of universities and governments in supporting the industry's growth.

Panelists include Richard Goddard, Global Practice Lead for technology Mercuri Urval. Michelle Williams Vaden Deputy Director of SEMI Foundation, and Bernie Carpraro. EU talent development program manager at Intel R&D in Ireland. 

These experts dive deep into very complex challenges facing the industry to alleviate the talent shortage.  Questions they address include:

  • How Europe’s talent shortage compares with global players, highlighting challenges and opportunities. 
  •  Ways to address the skills gap in the semiconductor industry 
  • The need to develop an infrastructure for new investments in the workforce
  • The importance of retaining talent 
  • Career and professional development 
  •  Maintaining work-life balance 
  • The role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the semiconductor industry 

They also share some solutions they've implemented at their own companies. 
Listen in to learn what your organizations can do now to start building the talent pipeline of the future.  

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A global association, SEMI represents the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

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(Cont.) SEMI Europe 2023: How Do We Cultivate the Semiconductor Workforce of Tomorrow?