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Member Spotlight: Conversations from IMAPS 2023

November 02, 2023 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 3 Episode 38
3D InCites Podcast
Member Spotlight: Conversations from IMAPS 2023
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This Member Spotlight episode was recorded live at the IMAPS International Symposium. Françoise von Trapp speaks with community members who attended and exhibited about what they were showcasing, and what they learned.  

John Lannon and Rex Anderson, Micross Components, helped demystify the multiple government funding efforts to onshore advanced packaging.

Casey Krawiec of StratEdge Corporation talks about the company’s role in delivering packaging technology for high-frequency applications.

Brian Schmaltz, Namics Corporation, talks about the company’s efforts to eliminate harmful PFAS chemicals from their portfolio of products.

Vahid Akhavan, PulseForge explains how the company’s core competency — high-powered photonic-based pulsed light technology — is being used for temporary bond/debond processes.

Ajinomoto Fine Techno’s Habib Hichri talked about developments beyond its core ABF (Ajinomoto Buil-up Film) to meet the needs of next-generation thin and large packages.

QP Technologies' CEO Dick Otte, explains why QP has decided to NOT pursue CHIPS for America Act funding.

Paul Ballentine, the co-founder of Mosaic Microsystems, talked about his involvement with the U.S. Government in building out the advanced packaging cluster in Rochester New York.

Peter Cronin, MRSI Systems, talked about the company’s latest foray into die-bonding tools – the MRSI 705 HF.

Onto Innovation’s Keith Best discussed the implications of Intel’s announcement that they’ve developed a glass core substrate technology for next-generation advanced packaging.

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