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IMAPS Leaders Talk About DEI Past, Present and Future

October 26, 2023 Dan Krueger/Multiple Guests Season 3 Episode 37
3D InCites Podcast
IMAPS Leaders Talk About DEI Past, Present and Future
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In this panel discussion, recorded live at the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society International Symposium, Françoise hands over the mike to Dan Krueger, Honeywell, as he moderates a panel on Diversity in Packaging, Past, Present, and Future. Don’t miss this lively town hall discussion on many important topics in today’s challenging work environment, including the important differences between equity and equality in the workplace. 

You’ll hear representatives of different generations of IMAPS leadership discuss their experiences as women making careers in the microelectronics industry, the diverse perspectives that each generation experienced, the progress they see in the industry, and suggestions for work left to be done and how to achieve it. They also provide tips on how to improve DEI at companies going forward, the importance of mentorship, and how to be better allies to your peers.  

Moderated by Daniel Krueger, Panelists include: 

·      Beth Keser, Zero ASIC 

·      Erica Folk, Northrop Grumman

·      Robin Davis, Deca

·      Amy Lujan, Savansys

·      Susan Trulli, Retired from Raytheon

Next week, we wrap up our coverage of the IMAPS Symposium with our Member Spotlight episode, interviewing 3D InCites Community Members about what they showcased and what they learned at the event. 

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(Cont.) IMAPS Leaders Talk About DEI Past, Present and Future