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100th Episode: Talking with Erica Folk and Tarak Railkar About The 2023 IMAPS Symposium

September 14, 2023 Françoise von Trapp / Erica Folk / Tarak Railkar Season 3 Episode 31
3D InCites Podcast
100th Episode: Talking with Erica Folk and Tarak Railkar About The 2023 IMAPS Symposium
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You are now listening to the 100th Episode of the 3D InCites Podcast! To celebrate, Françoise sits down with Erica Folk and Tarak Railkar, both representatives of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society – also known as IMAPS. 3D InCites is the official Industry Partner of IMAPS and the Official podcast of the IMAPS Symposium. 

 In this episode, you’ll get a look behind the scenes of this largely volunteer-led organization, and the opportunities the Society provides its members. Folk, incoming IMAPS president, talks about the work her predecessor, Beth Keser, set in motion, particularly around workforce development, that she intends to keep moving forward during her two-year term. 

As General Chair-Elect, Railkar leads the technical committee, and provides some insight on the latest drivers that inspire the topics addressed in the Keynote talks and technical program for this year's IMAPS International Symposium, which takes place October 2-5 in San Diego, CA. 

He explains how attendees contribute to the topic selection through survey participation, what led to this year’s focus on Artificial Intelligence, and how it impacts the microelectronics industry. There's a Keynote talk dedicated AI, a professional development course, as well as a panel discussion. 

Conversation also focuses on the DEI Panel discussion, as well as student participation, the growing popularity of poster sessions, networking opportunities, and how to take advantage of all that is available. You’ll also get some valuable tips on how to network effectively!

To learn more about the IMAPS Symposium, and register, visit the website

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  • Erica Folk, President-elect, IMAPS (Manager, MMIC and RFIC Design, Northrop Grumman)
  • Tarak Railkar, General Chair-elect, IMAPS International Symposium (Principal Packaging Engineer / SMTS, Qorvo)

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IMAPS International
IMAPS is the largest society dedicated to microelectronics and electronics packaging advancement.

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(Cont.) 100th Episode: Talking with Erica Folk and Tarak Railkar About The 2023 IMAPS Symposium