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IBM’s Scott Sikorski Demystifies The CHIPS Act; Amkor’s Mike Kelly and ASE’s Ou Li Talk Chiplets

August 10, 2023 Francoise von Trapp/Scott Sikorski/Mike Kelly/Ou Li Season 3 Episode 26
3D InCites Podcast
IBM’s Scott Sikorski Demystifies The CHIPS Act; Amkor’s Mike Kelly and ASE’s Ou Li Talk Chiplets
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Show Notes

This episode was recorded live at IMAPS CHIPCon, where experts in heterogeneous integration and chiplet-enabled advanced packaging schemes gathered to address some of the semiconductor manufacturing industries most pressing technical and industry-related challenges. 

Françoise von Trapp speaks with Scott Sikorski, of IBM who demystifies the complexities of the CHIPS Act, and the opportunities available for companies hoping to participate in R&D for advanced packaging. He also discusses the challenges of onshoring commercial advanced packaging.  

She also interviews Amkor’s Mike Kelly and ASE Group’s Ou Li, two of the panelists who participated in the panel discussion moderated by Jan Vardaman. The panel addressed the question, Are Chiplets the Answer for AI, ML, and Photonic/co-packaged optics?

Kelly and Li share some of the key takeaways from the panel discussion, such as the challenges chiplet architectures address for AI, ML, and photonics/co-packaged optics, as well as outsourced semiconductor assembly and test service providers (OSATS) readiness for chiplet integration. They also talk about the availability of 3rd party chiplets, and help unravel the mysteries of the available chiplet interfaces, like the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe),

To learn more about takeaways from CHIPCon, you can read Françoise’s blog post here

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