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SEMICON West 2023 3D InCites Member Spotlight

August 03, 2023 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 3 Episode 25
3D InCites Podcast
SEMICON West 2023 3D InCites Member Spotlight
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Françoise von Trapp speaks with 3D InCites Member companies who exhibited and or attended SEMICON West 2023.  She posed one main question, based on the show’s three key topic areas. What role do they play in helping the semiconductor industry succeed in becoming a $1T industry by 2030, how are they addressing the path to Net Zero, and how are they being impacted by the talent shortage?

  • Franziska Petersen, Edwards talks about the company’s role in the Semiconductor Climate Consortium. 
  • Alan Weber, CImetrix by PDF Solutions talks about the adoption and use of standards and how it impacts KPIs. 
  • Paul Lindner. Dave Kirsch, and Garrett Oakes, EV Group, talk about what it means to win its 11th Triple Crown for TechInsights Customer Service Satisfaction Survey.
  • Giancarlo De la Garza, Nordson Test, and Inspection, talks about the acquisition of CyberOptics and what that means for the company’s product portfolio. 
  • Keith Best, Onto Innovation, shares some news about its Application Center of Excellence focused on advanced packaging for panels.
  • Sally Anne Henry and Jim Straus, ACM Research talk about reasons why they think we’re in the midst of a talent shortage across the globe. 
  • Abdul Lateef, CEO, PlasmaTherm explains the role 200mm manufacturing at legacy nodes plays in helping the industry achieve $1T. 
  •  Dieter Rathei, DR Yield, talks about the new fab expansions needing state-of-the-art data management tools to achieve better manufacturing efficiencies.
  • Peter Dijkstra, Trymax Semiconductor, talks about opening Trymax USA, driven by the push to onshore manufacturing in the US. 
  •  Vinay Patwardhan, Cadence, discusses the different EDA needs of 3D HI multi-chiplet systems, compared with simple 2D advance packaging. 
  • Feng Ling, Xpeedic, talks about Metis, the company's simulation tool for 2.5D and 3D IC that won the Herb Reiter Design Tool of the Year Award.
  • David Doyle, Heidenhain, talks about how the company’s motion control products support the precision and accuracy needs of today’s advanced packaging technologies. 
  • Joe Gaustad, ClassOne Technology, talked about the company’s collaboration with universities to bring state-of-the-art tools to the hands of engineering students. 
  • Jobert Van Eisden, MKS Instruments, talks about how next-generation Cu-to-Cu plating chemistry makes a low-temperature die-to-wafer hybrid bonding process. 
  • Joel Scutchfield, Koh Young America talks about the company’s recent entrance into the heterogeneous integration space from PCB assembly space with automated optical inspection tools. 
  • Martijn Pierik, Kiterocket talks about the Kiterock
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