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Member Spotlight: What Happened at ECTC 2023

June 15, 2023 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 3 Episode 17
3D InCites Podcast
Member Spotlight: What Happened at ECTC 2023
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The 3D InCites community had 24 of its members who were either presenting, exhibiting, or both. This episode features conversations Françoise had with many of the participating members about the key takeaways they got from the event, as it relates to their company’s technology goals. 

Rozalia Beica and Venkata Mokkapati, AT&S talk about the important role advanced IC substrates have in today’s advanced microelectronics. They addressed questions about the lack of IC substrate manufacturing in the US, and how AT&S is positioned to help support that need. 

Ram Trichur, of Henkel Corporation accepted the Material Supplier of the Year 3D InCites Award and talked about changing materials requirements to support automotive electronics requirements. 

Ralph Zorberbier and Rolland Rettenmeier of Evatec talk about advancements in physical vapor deposition for fan-out wafer-level packaging, and thermal management solutions for HPC. They also talk about the traction fan-out panel level packaging is getting. 

David Levy, of Mosaic Microsystems, was at ECTC to learn about emerging applications that could benefit from the company’s thin glass handling solutions. 

 Stephan Schmidt, LPKF Laser, explains why glass is such an important topic right now in the microelectronics community and the role LPKF has played in solving glass challenges – such as forming through glass vias. 

Irving Wang, MRSI, talks about what he came to learn at ECTC 2023, and the current focus on hybrid bonding, and the role MRSI plays in die-to-wafer hybrid bonding. 

Garry Pycroft, Deca, sings the praises of ECTC, and what a great event it is. He also talks about the different segments of the market that Deca’s technologies serves. 

Curtis Zwenger, at Amkor Technology, shares the news about opening of the smartest OSAT factory in the OSAT world, located in Vietnam.  

Dave Thomas, KLA’s SPTS division, talks about all the information he gets out of ECTC, and how it relates to what SPTS is working on to support emerging technologies. 

 C.P. Hong and Vikas Gupta, from ASE Group, talk about the company’s new product announcement, FoCoS Bridge, and how it fits into the VIPack pillars. 

Debbie-Claire Sanchez, ERS Electronic, talks about the company’s efforts to build a portfolio around warpage, with the launching of its warpage metrology system. 

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