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ECTC 2023: Key Takeaways from the Keynote and Panels, Changes and Future Plans

June 08, 2023 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 3 Episode 16
3D InCites Podcast
ECTC 2023: Key Takeaways from the Keynote and Panels, Changes and Future Plans
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Show Notes

In this episode, recorded live at ECTC 2023, Françoise interviews some of the key speakers about the hot topics of the week: Quantum computing, the Chips and Science Act, and workforce development. Additionally, she speaks with the winner of the first-ever, IEEE EPS William Chen Distinguished Service Award. The episode concludes with a conversation with the event organizers about changes and future plans. 

Keynote speaker, Mike Manfra, physics professor at Purdue University, and Scientific Director, Microsoft Quantum Lab West Lafayette, talks about quantum computing — what it is, why we need it, and what challenges and opportunities exist from the microelectronics advanced packaging community to bring it into manufacturing.  

Dick Otte, Promex, and Joshua Dillon, Marvell, talk about the key takeaways from the Chips Act Special Session – Advanced Packaging in North America, building the ecosystem. 

Kim Yess, Brewer Science, talks about the Diversity and Career Growth Panel, and the key takeaways discussed by the panel on diversifying our workforce to meet National needs as outlined by the CHIPS Act Initiative. 

Shaw Fong Wong talks about what inspires him to volunteer his time to the EPS Society. 

 Ibrahim Guven and Florian Herrault wrap up the episode with a look at the success of this year’s format changes and future plans for ECTC 2024 and beyond. 

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