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Andy Mackie Talks About His Decoder Ring for Semiconductor Packaging

April 27, 2023 Francoise von Trapp/Andy Mackie Season 3 Episode 11
3D InCites Podcast
Andy Mackie Talks About His Decoder Ring for Semiconductor Packaging
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Show Notes

In this episode, recorded at IMAPS DPC 2023, Françoise von Trapp talks with Indium’s Andy Mackie, about his latest mission to address the confusing and complex lexicon of Advanced Packaging technology.  He shares the backstory on the idea, he has come up with to change the way we talk about semiconductor device packaging, that will uplevel the importance of what is really interconnect technology. 

Mackie’s position, and that of other colleagues in the industry, is that the term "packaging", when applied to semiconductor assembly, is misunderstood by most people, at a time when its importance (in the wake of the CHIPS Act and similar legislation) is growing.

As we enter 2023, Mackie suggests that it’s time to make this simple so laypersons and experts alike can use the same terminology. 

The ensuing discussion digs into a light-hearted debate about his “strawman” ideas to put some standardization around the nomenclature known as advanced packaging.
 If you would like to support this effort, please contact Andy Mackie on LinkedIn



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