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Member Spotlight: What We Presented and What We Learned at IMAPS DPC 2023

April 13, 2023 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 3 Episode 8
3D InCites Podcast
Member Spotlight: What We Presented and What We Learned at IMAPS DPC 2023
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In this episode, Françoise von Trapp holds impromptu interviews with 3D InCites members who attended, exhibited, and/or presented at the 2023 IMAPS DPC in March.  Topics of discussion include: Using AI in microelectronics manufacturing,
how front-end processes are finding their way into the back-end, updates on glass substrates, capillary underfill advancements, dealing with wafer warpage,  and advanced substrates and standards on panel sizes.   
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Keith Felton, Siemens EDA, summarizes the presentation he gave on how to put AI, Machine Learning, and Deep learning to work in the semiconductor manufacturing environment. 

Emerald Greig, PTW Group,  explains PTW Group’s mission to become the go-to company for legacy support.  Emerald’s daughter recently appeared in the latest episode of Roadtrip Nation, Chip In, in which three young people searching for careers explore the works of microelectronics. 

Jim Straus of ACM Research shares feedback from the IMAPS attendee perspective. It was his first time at the event, and he shared some of his takeaways from the sessions he attended, particularly in the area of glass substrates. 

Ken Araujo of Namics talks about advancements in liquid capillary underfill, driven by cost as well as tightening specifications of advanced packaging applications. 

 Debbie Claire-Sanchez, of ERS Electronic GmbH talks about the company’s ongoing research to address wafer warpage issues. 

 Keith Best, Onto Innovation, talks about the ongoing debate over advanced IC substrates and standardization on panel size. 

IMAPS Device Packaging Conference
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Keith Felton, Siemens EDA
Emerald Greig, PTW Group
Jim Straus, ACM Research
Ken Araujo, Namics
Debbie-Claire Sanchez, ERS Electronic
Keith Best, Onto Innovation