3D InCites Podcast

Conversations with Winners of the 2023 3D InCites Award Winners

March 23, 2023 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 3 Episode 5
3D InCites Podcast
Conversations with Winners of the 2023 3D InCites Award Winners
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In This episode, Françoise von Trapp interviews some of the 2023 3D InCites Award Winners, to learn about the significant accomplishments they are being recognized for.  

 First is James Bear, TEL, who describes some of the company’s best practices that helped them secure the 2023 3D InCites Sustainability Award.

Engineer of the Year, Markus Leitgeb, AT&S, explains the concepts and advantages of the company’s Embedded Component Process (ECP), which he helped develop. 

Mark Gerber, ASE, winner of the Device Technology of the Year award for the VIPack™ Platform explains this six-pillar approach and the recent announcement of its fan-out package on package (FOPOP) technology. 

Eelco Bergman, of Saras Micro Devices, this year’s Start-up of the Year Award Winner, talks about the company’s team of industry experts, and the technology its developing heterogeneous integration technologies that will improve power efficiency for AI, high-performance computing, and data centers. 

 Thomas Uhrmann and Garrett Oakes of EV Group talk about the company’s breakthrough NanoCleave process that one the 3D InCites Process of the Year Award. This revolutionary IR laser process targets silicon carrier technology for 3D integration. 

Tim Olson and Robin Davis of Deca, winner of the SemiSister Award for DEI, talked about building DEI into Deca’s DNA, and what it’s like to establish a culture of DEI at a small company. 

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James Bear, TEL
Markus Leitgeb, AT&S
Eelco Bergman, Saras Micro Devices
Mark Gerber, ASE Group
Thomas Uhrmann and Garrett Oakes, EV Group
Tim Olson and Robin Davis at Deca