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SEMI Start Up Series Episode 2: Wastewater, Gas Purification, and Circularity

March 09, 2023 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 3 Episode 4
3D InCites Podcast
SEMI Start Up Series Episode 2: Wastewater, Gas Purification, and Circularity
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Show Notes

In this second episode of the SEMI’s Start-ups for Sustainability podcast series, SEMI’s James Amano returns to provide a quick recap of the program as SEMI gears up for its Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability Pitch Event Year 2. 

This year’s focus is on start-up companies that provide solutions that address the challenges of semiconductor manufacturing emissions, energy issues, and circularity (water and waste.) In this episode, we meet three finalists from the 2022 pitch event who share their success stories and provide some useful tips for navigating this year’s pitch event. 

You’ll hear how Membrion’s ion exchange membranes us desalinization techniques to recycle manufacturing wastewater to reuse both the water and the reclaimed minerals like copper. You’ll learn how NuMat Technologies programs chemistries to handle and purify gasses to help semiconductor manufacturers reach their sustainability goals. And you’ll learn how Purity ReSources helps semiconductor manufacturers move from a linear to circular closed-loop process to recycle millions of gallons of solvent used in photoresist processes every day. 

Lastly, the panelists will share their experiences at the pitch event, and how it helped propel their companies forward.

·       James Amano, EHS & Sustainability,  SEMI

·       Greg Newbloom, CEO & Co-Founder at Membrion

·       Ben Hernandez, Founder & CEO at NuMat Technologies

·       Daniel Alvarez, Founder & CEO at Purity ReSource

SEMI Sustainability Initiative 

The SEMI Sustainability Initiative brings together companies across the global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain to collaborate on the industry’s toughest sustainability challenges. One program in the initiative is SEMI Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability, which offers companies with innovative sustainability solutions the opportunity to present to top semiconductor VCs. Submit your startup’s application today.  Applications are open until March 20, 2023.  Learn more at SEMI.org/startups.



A global association, SEMI represents the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

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