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The IMAPS DEI Panel Discusses the Difference between Equality and Equity

October 27, 2022 Francoise von Trapp Season 2 Episode 35
3D InCites Podcast
The IMAPS DEI Panel Discusses the Difference between Equality and Equity
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Show Notes

For this episode, recorded during the IMAPS International Symposium, Françoise von Trapp hands over the mike to Robin Davis, of 3D InCites Member company, Deca.

Davis organized and moderated a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion town hall discussion during IMAPS, on the topic of Equality vs. Equity. A distinguished panel of industry veterans shared their perceptions and personal stories, including Jean Trewhella, GlobalFoundries; Susan Trulli, Raytheon; Shelby Nelson, Mosaic Microsystems; Urmi Ray, Saras Micro Devices, and KT Moore, Cadence. 

Davis provided a framework for the conversation, explaining the difference between Equal and Equity: Equality means each employee gets the same bicycle to ride, and equity means that everyone gets the bicycle that suits their needs. The panelists then also offered tips for how to overcome our own unconscious bias to create a culture of DEI at our own workplaces.

Contact the Panelists on LinkedIn
Robin Davis, Deca
Jean Trewhella, GlobalFoundries
Susan Trulli, Ratheon
Shelby Nelson, Mosaic Microsystems
Urmi Ray, Saras Microdevices
KT Moore, Cadence 

Deca's technology empowers the transformation of electronic interconnects for the chiplet era.

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