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Member Spotlight: Conversations from 2022 MAPS International Symposium

October 20, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 2 Episode 34
3D InCites Podcast
Member Spotlight: Conversations from 2022 MAPS International Symposium
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25 of our community members participated in the 2022 IMAPS International Symposium in Boston, MA, which was held during the first week of October. This episode features conversations about what they were presenting and showcasing, and what they learned during the week. 

 Craig North, of Gel-Pak, is on a mission to find out as much as he can about chiplet processes and technology, to identify gaps that can be filled by Gel Pak products and services. 

 Bob Connor and Kevin Oswalt of X-Celeprint. Kevin talked about the paper he presented at IMAPS on micro-transfer printing (MTP) at the conference and creating the III_V heterogeneous integration ecosystem. 

Bill Acito, of Member company Siemens, presented on silicon substrate design for BGA designers.

 Carlotta Baumann, the new CEO of Finetech, talks about stepping into the role in the midst of COVID, and into the shoes of a 22-year veteran not only as a woman but as the sole owner of the company.

Tim Olson, CEO of Deca, was awarded the IMAPS Founder Award. To celebrate, we took a walk down memory lane to share Deca’s origin story and how the company has evolved over the years. 

Casey Krawiec and Tim Going of StratEdge Corporation,  talked about the new die-on-tab service they are offering for customers who want to incorporate GaAn die into hybrid packaging. They’ve got some interesting products coming down the pipelines in space and defense applications. 

Keith Best, of our member company Onto Innovation, talked about the company’s presentation on RDL inspection, which is difficult to inspect because of metal grain. He explained how Onto Innovation’s ClearFind technology uses a green laser to make metal black and organics white, to make the defects easier to see. 

Dick Otte, QP Technologies, returns to the podcast to offer some insight on the CHIPS and Science Act.  He talks about who customers will be as an outcome of the government investment, and what can be done to take advantage of them,

IMAPS International
IMAPS is the largest society dedicated to microelectronics and electronics packaging advancement.

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Craig North, Gel-Pak
Bob Connor and Kevin Oswalt of X-Celeprint
Bill Acito, Siemens
Carlotta Baumann, Finetech
Tim Olson, Deca
Casey Krawiec, Tim Going, StratEdge Corporation
Keith Best, Onto Innovation
Dick Otte, QP Technologies