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Keynote Conversations from the 2022 IMAPS International Symposium

October 13, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 2 Episode 33
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Keynote Conversations from the 2022 IMAPS International Symposium
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in this episode, Françoise von Trapp interviews three of the keynote speakers who presented during the 2022 IMAPS International Symposium. Featured guests include Lionel Kimmerling, Dr. Anu Agarwal (MIT Microphotonics Center); Glenn Daves (NXP), and Dave Bolognia (Analog Devices).

We’re back on the road – recording a series of episodes at the IMAPS International Symposium. In this first episode, Françoise interviews some of the keynote speakers to capture the highlights of their talks. 

First up, is Lionel Kimmerling, Thomas Lord Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Director at MIT Microphotonics Center, and his colleague, Dr. Anu Agarwal, MIT – Director of Electric Photonic Packaging and principal research scientist. They explain the basics of Si photonics and co-packaged optics, and the advantages and opportunities of electronic-photonic package integration, which is expected to be the next big technology transition in the IC field, particularly when it comes to chip stacking.  

Additionally, Dr. Agarwal talks about a partnership between the Microphotonics Center and IMAPS to provide an educational setting to provide hands-on-training to help the packaging engineer workforce to develop the new skills 

 Glenn Daves of NXP gave the keynote on Day 2 on the topic of 6G – It’s Opportunities and Packaging Challenges. He talks about the promise of 6G and why it’s more than just another “G” and explains what the plans are for 6G applications. We also talk about all that needs to be accomplished to stay on track to integrate 6G into the wireless offerings, and what’s needed specifically from the packaging community t support it. Lastly, he talks about the importance of semiconductor sustainability and the opportunity to design sustainability into 6G from the get-go. 

 Dave Bolognia of Analog Devices talks about advancing medical electronics at the intelligent edge. He explains what he means by the intelligent edge; how data volumes are driving the need for more processing at the edge, and the medical applications that will benefit from it. 

Contact Our Guests:

 Lionel Kimmerling, MIT Microphotonics Center

Anu Agarwal, Ph.D., MIT Microphotonics Center 

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Lionel Kimmerling, Anu Agarwal, MIT
(Cont.) Lionel Kimmerling, Anu Agarwal, MIT
Glenn Daves, NXP
Dave Bolognia, Analog Devices