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A Conversation with Christine Whitman About Breaking Through The Semiconductor Glass Ceiling

October 06, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Christine Whitman Season 2 Episode 32
3D InCites Podcast
A Conversation with Christine Whitman About Breaking Through The Semiconductor Glass Ceiling
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Show Notes

It’s no secret that semiconductors are very much a male-dominated industry. In fact, according to Zippia, only 10.7% of engineers working in the semiconductor industry are women. And according to Deloitte and Touche’s Women in the Workplace, women are still vastly underrepresented at all levels of management. In this episode, Françoise von Trapp talks with Christine Whitman, a semiconductor executive who has broken through these barriers. She’s the chairman and CEO of our member company. Mosaic Microsystems.

In this episode, Christine shares her origin story. She talks about what inspired her to pursue a career in semiconductors, and the career path she took that resulted in her buying her first company. A self-described serial entrepreneur, she talks about her passion for materials science, what she looks for when investing in a start-up, and what led her to found Mosaic Microsystems. She also shares her vision for the future, and advice for women looking to shatter the glass ceiling. 

About Mosaic Microsystems

Mosaic is pioneering thin glass for packaging and interposer applications in fields ranging from millimeter-wave communications to artificial intelligence and photonics. Thin glass has outstanding mechanical and electrical properties for today’s packaging applications, but adoption has been slow due to its fragility and flexibility. Mosaic’s Viaffirm handling solution eliminates these roadblocks by making thin glass compatible with standard semiconductor processes. Viaffirm also provides a platform for through glass vias and void-free via fill, enabling glass-based interposers with capabilities normally reserved for silicon.

Learn more about Christine Whitman here. 

Mosaic Microsystems: The Future is Clear
Thin glass solutions for next-generation microelectronics and photonics packaging.

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