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A Conversation With SEMI'S Market Intelligence Team About the World Fab Forecast

September 22, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Sanjay Malhotra/Christian Dieseldorff Season 2 Episode 30
3D InCites Podcast
A Conversation With SEMI'S Market Intelligence Team About the World Fab Forecast
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Show Notes

This SEMI Market intelligence Report podcast features Sanjay Malhotra, Vice President of SEMI’s Corporate Marketing and the Market Intelligence Team (MIT), and Christian Dieseldorff, Senior Principal Analyst. The conversation focuses on the World Fab Forecast, its history, how data is gathered, and how semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers use it to guide their business decisions. 

Sanjay starts things off by recapping the Market Symposium at SEMICON West, and the midyear forecast presented there. He also shares how he used the World Fab Forecast during his years in the industry. 

Christian talks about the outlook for new fabs and fab expansions, and how much this activity represents future capacity increases from both an actual and historical standpoint. Most importantly, he and Sanjay put fab expansion numbers and capacity into context. 

Lastly, Christian talks about the impact of the US CHIPS and Science Act, and other global incentives around the world. He and Sanjay provide some valuable insights to consider when reviewing the World Fab Forecast to help listeners make the most of this useful tool. 

You can learn more about SEMI Market Reports here.  For specific questions, email the Market Intelligence team at mktstats@semi.org

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A global association, SEMI represents the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

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