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A Conversation About the Role Veterans Can Play in the Microelectronics Industry Workforce

August 18, 2022 Françoise von Trapp/Larry Smith/Gen. Paul Funk/Major Ray Willson Season 2 Episode 26
3D InCites Podcast
A Conversation About the Role Veterans Can Play in the Microelectronics Industry Workforce
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Show Notes

This podcast episode was recorded live at SEMICON West 2022 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where critical discussions about the latest issues impacting the semiconductor industry took place. 

 Chips aren’t the only thing in short supply, the semiconductor industry talent shortage continues, and SEMI has launched a workforce initiative to address this. In this episode, Françoise von Trapp speaks with General Paul Funk and Major Ray Willson of the United States Army; and Larry Smith, Chairman of the board at TEL, who participated in a panel discussion at SEMICON West on the role military veterans can play in shoring up the microelectronics workforce. 

All three guests share their Army stories, what it means to be a soldier for life, and about the important connections made there. They also talk about helping transitioning veterans from the military to civilian life, and what makes them so well suited for positions in microelectronics. 

Smith provides a recap of the SEMI panel, who participated, and some of the key takeaways. He talked about the semiconductor industry workforce image and awareness program, and how partnering with military veterans’ programs can form important connections that help veterans learn about the employment opportunities available to them. 

 General Funk talks about the lifelong connections that a career in the army allows affords, as well as the similarities of characteristics and skill sets that make veterans such ideal candidates for careers in the semiconductor industry. He describes some of the army programs that transition army veterans to civilian life. One of these programs is Soldier for Life.

Major Ray Willson provides more details on Soldier for Life, which connects the army with government and non-government organizations to influence policies, programs, and services for soldiers veterans, and families. He explains the three pillars in detail. 

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Larry Smith, TEL U.S.
General Paul Funk, U.S. Army
Major Ray Willson, U.S. Army

Tokyo Electron (TEL) provides innovative semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment.

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