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Member Spotlight: Conversations from SEMICON West 2022 and DAC 2022

July 28, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 2 Episode 23
3D InCites Podcast
Member Spotlight: Conversations from SEMICON West 2022 and DAC 2022
Show Notes

In this episode, we visit 3D InCites member companies on the trade show floor at SEMICON West and the Design Automation Conference to learn about what they are showcasing this year.

 Dave Kirsch and Paul Lindner of EV Group talk about the latest achievement in die-to-wafer fusion and hybrid bonding, and what it means for multi-die system-on-chip.  They also share BIG news about 3D ICs. 

 Alan Weber, Cimetrix, a division of PDF Solutions, talked about the company’s connectivity and control products for automated fabs and the data pipeline its technology enables. Weber emphasized the use of streaming data to improve supply chain challenges. 

 Faraz Shoukat of Anemoi Software walks us through a demonstration if the company’s cloud-based thermal modeling tool for multichip modules, stacked die, and chiplet integration. 

 Monita Pau of Onto Innovation talks about the importance of particle inspection for hybrid bonding, and the focus on panel-level packaging. 

Byron Exarcos, CEO ClassOne Technology, talks about the company’s plating and surface preparation process capabilities to support hybrid bonding, especially for microLED applications. The company introduced a new Solstice platform at the show and Exarcos reports that the company is already gaining traction. 

 Meg Conkling, of Veeco, joins the podcast for the third time – and she and Françoise compare notes about the markets since SEMICON West 2021. They discuss the automotive industry, and their next vehicles. They also talk about advances is Veeco’s Laser Spike Annealing, lithography, and ion beam deposition product offerings. 

 Jim Garstka, PlasmaTherm, talks about the impact of the chip shortage, the company’s latest product introduction, the HeatPulse, used in automotive electronics, as well as the role plasma dicing takes in providing clean die surfaces for die-to-wafer hybrid bonding. 

 Vidya Vijay, CyberOptics, talks about the latest generation WaferSense technology used for wafer and reticle calibration for front-end tools. She also talked about some of the presentations she attended at SEMICON West, and what she’s excited about. 

 Alex Chow, and Sai Danraj of YES about the company’s recent shift in focus from wafer segments for backend processes to the IC carrier substrate segments of the industry. The products they showcased included the next generation Vertacure, as well as two new products that will be introduced on the market in the coming year: one is for solder reflow, and the other for glass panel substrates. 

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A global association, SEMI represents the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

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