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Conversations from the 2022 IMAPS SiP Conference Part 2

July 07, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 2 Episode 19
3D InCites Podcast
Conversations from the 2022 IMAPS SiP Conference Part 2
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Show Notes
ASE’s Mark Gerber, Amkor’s Curtis Zwenger, and Quorvo’s Matthew Poulton talk about 5G Technology Challenges; Synopsys' Ming Zhen talks about the Era of SysMoore; Start-up competition competitors give mini-pitches. 

While the rollout of 5G is underway, there are remaining technology challenges that must be solved before we can really experience the full benefits of 5G. This was the topic of for the panel discussion at the IMAPs SiP Conference. We invited the panelists to talk about it on the podcast: Mark Gerber from ASE, Curtis Zwenger of Amkor, and Matthew Poulton, Qorvo.

We talked about the hype around the 5G that’s been deployed today, vs mmWave technology needed for new 5G. We also discussed the challenges for the advanced packaging community to develop the technologies needed to support the higher frequencies needed to support 5G. Questions asked and answered include:
·      Why are 5G download speeds no better than LTE today? 

·      Is what we are experiencing in 5G really truly 5G? 

·      What needs to happen for 5G to be ready for automotive applications? 

·      Why do we experience more dropped calls on a 5G phone than LTE? 

 Ming Zhang, Synopsys, talks about his career path from his Ph.D. in rad-hard circuit design, to IC design at Intel, chiplet design at Z-Glue, to Synopsys. Traditionally a front-end EDA company, Synopsys began to invest in advanced packaging design just a few years ago. He also talks about the new era of “SysMoore”, focusing on three enabling capabilities and opportunities for design: software, system, and security. The goal is to show How to get better chips, done faster, used by more people and things, focusing on the quality of product, speed of innovation, and scale of deployment. 

Start-up Competition 

David Levy, Mosaic Microsystems, talks about the company’s novel ViaFirm, a material used for temporary bond/debonding of active glass wafers to silicon handle for processing. 

Merve Kecher, Sivers Semiconductors, talked about the technological advantages of the company's AIP module  how it solves some of the remaining 5G challenges. 

Haris Baset, Averatek, talked about the company's chemistries that unlock the full potential of lithography processes, photoresists, and dielectric materials. He also talks about the company’s SiliconDust authentication chiplet. 

 Chris Pfisner, Avacino Tech, explained that the start-up leverages blue micro LEDs as optical interconnects for short-reach, ultra power interconnects for chip-to-chip communications.  

Guest Contacts 

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