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A Conversation With the SEMI Market Intelligence Team About the Equipment Market

June 23, 2022 Françoise von Trapp, Sanjay Malhotra, Inna Skvortsova Season 2 Episode 18
3D InCites Podcast
A Conversation With the SEMI Market Intelligence Team About the Equipment Market
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Show Notes

We are excited to share that we’ve partnered with SEMI’s Market Intelligence team to bring you quarterly semiconductor industry market updates. Each episode will feature one of SEMI’s market analysts, who will discuss different market trends driving specific areas of the market. They’ll also provide some high-level intelligence to help you in your day-to-day business decisions. In this first episode, we’re focusing on the Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market. Guests include Sanjay Malhotra, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and the Market Intelligence Team, and Inna Skvortsova, one of the Analysts in the Market Intelligence Group. 

 Sanjay kicks off the conversation by providing information on the SEMI Market Intelligence team. He talks about the value he gained as a customer of SEMI reports during his tenure at Applied Materials. He describes the different offerings, and explains who uses SEMI data, and how. 

Then, Inna dives into the reporting. She explains how the data is gathered, and how they ensure the reliability of the reports. In addition to providing some details on current year equipment market growth, she talks about the impact of the chip shortage on the equipment manufacturers, supply chain constraints, and other potential headwinds. 

You can learn more about SEMI Market Reports here.  Fo specific questions, email the Market Intelligence team at marketstats@semi.org

Find our Guests on LinkedIn: 

·       Sanjay Malhotra, VP of Corporate Marketing and the Market Intelligence Team

·       Inna Skvortsova, Market Analyst

A global association, SEMI represents the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

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