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Conversations about What We Learned from ECTC 2022

June 09, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Various Guests Season 2 Episode 16
3D InCites Podcast
Conversations about What We Learned from ECTC 2022
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Show Notes

In Part 1 of ECTC 2022 coverage, Françoise catches up with some of the industry visionaries at key companies in the microelectronics space, as well as 3D technology research institutes to find out what they shared and learned at ECTC 2022. 

The episode kicks off with a conversation with Marvell’s Kevin O’Buckley who talked about key take-aways from the advanced packaging and co-packaged optics panel, and Chris Koopmans who shared some insight on the impact of supply chains on fabless semiconductor manufacturing, and how he thinks the $52B Chips Act funds should be allocated.  

Paul Lindner, Dave Kirsch, and Thomas Uhrmann of EV Group talk about ECTC itself, and how much they enjoy reconnecting with colleagues after 2.5 years. They also talked about what they learned at ECTC 2022. 

Laura Mirkarimi and Abul Nuruzzaman of Adeia (formerly Xperi) and Alan Huffman, of SkyWater, talk about recent advancements in hybrid bonding. They also provide some details about the new licensing agreement between the companies.

Sitaram Arkulgud, of TEL, shares some of the details of the presentations that TEL delivered on hybrid bonding. He explained the limits of chemical mechanical planarization, how they are explaining what to do when it runs out of steam, and how to keep hybrid bonding going when that happens. 

Subramanian (Subu) Iyer, of the UCLA CHIPS program, explains why he believes chiplets should be called dielets. Why chiplets aren’t where they need to be yet to match the performance of monolithic chips, and the work they are doing at UCLA to get there. 

As ECTC 2022 draws to a close, Françoise reminisces with IZM-ASSID’s Juergen Wolf, about 12 years of work in 3D integration technology. 

Françoise wraps up the day with a glass of wine with ASE Fellow, Bill Chen, who has been instrumental in progressing the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap. He talks about its purpose, the committee’s vision, and it will make possible the next 50 years of Moore’s Law, as Gordon Moore himself envisioned in the second part of his paper. 

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