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SEMI ISS 2022: A Conversation about The Ukrainian Neon Gas Shortage

April 08, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Kristian Yerygin Season 2 Episode 8
3D InCites Podcast
SEMI ISS 2022: A Conversation about The Ukrainian Neon Gas Shortage
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Show Notes

 SEMI’s annual Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) took place April 4-7, 2022 at the Riz Carlton resort in Half Moon Bay, CA. The event usually takes place in January, but due to Omicron, was postponed at the last minute and rescheduled to April. This annual event is where industry leaders gather for mission-critical discussions that the strategies for the year ahead. Over the course of the week, we recorded six episodes, speaking to presenters and attendees about the hottest topics in the semiconductor industry. 

In this first episode, Françoise speaks with Kristian Yerygin, Chief Commercial Officer of Recycling Solutions, Ukraine. Yerygin attended ISS representing Arnox, a strategic waste and byproduct management company that is part of a Ukrainian steel conglomerate, and supplier of Neon, Xenon, and Krypton. These rare gasses are critical for lithography processes used in semiconductor manufacturing. Yerygin explains in detail the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the toll it’s taking on the steel industry, and subsequently the supply of Neon, Xenon, and Krypton. He explains what it could mean for the semiconductor industry and what semiconductor manufacturers need to do to prepare for an inevitable shortage of these rare gasses.

Contact Kristian Yerygin on LinkedIn.

A global strategic marketing agency serving the semiconductor and sustainability industries.

A global association, SEMI represents the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

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