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A Conversation about the New Vision for IMAPS

March 31, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Beth Keser/Erica Folk Season 2 Episode 7
3D InCites Podcast
A Conversation about the New Vision for IMAPS
Show Notes

In 2021, there was a changing of the guard at the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society. In this episode, Françoise speaks with new IMAPS President, Beth Keser, and President-elect Erica Folk, about their vision for IMAPS going forward. 

Beth and Erica provide details on three major initiatives: One is to create awareness in the US Government and defense industry about the importance of packaging in the semiconductor industry. The second is to bring in more academics and students into the society. Students are the future of the microelectronics industry. Third, they want to update the IMAPS documentation to modernize the bylaws and rules that govern the organization. We also talked about the activities of the IMAPS Foundation. They are launching a competition to get universities excited. Learn more here

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·      Beth Keser, IMAPS President

·      Erica Folk, IMAPS President-elect

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