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Members Spotlight: Conversations from IMAPS DPC 2022

March 28, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 2 Episode 6
3D InCites Podcast
Members Spotlight: Conversations from IMAPS DPC 2022
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Show Notes

In addition to our 3D InCites Award Winners, we caught up with some of our members who had news and stories to share at IMAPS DPC, March 8-10, 2022. 

 In this episode, Françoise speaks with Bob Connor, of member company X-Celeprint, about the Micro Transfer Process (MTP) a massively parallel pick and place technology that has been around since 2007, but is starting to get traction new applications in the heterogeneous integration space. 

 Next, she speaks with Darby Davis of Gel-Pak, a Delphon Company, who explains the relationship between Delphon Industries and its subsidiary companies. Gel-pak is a different sort of advanced packaging. While they aren’t involved in building microelectronics, they are critical to the supply chain as they are used for packaging and handling fragile devices. They come to IMAPS DPC to learn about what’s happening in the industry to stay on top of their technology development. 

The episode wraps up with a conversation with Abul Nuruzzaman, Xperi Corporation, in which they unpack the elements of a recent two-pronged press release about a new license agreement with Micron, and a new brand for the Xperi IP business – Aediea.

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·      Bob Conner, VP Business Development, X-Celeprint

·      Darby Davis, VP Sales, Delphon Industries

·      Abul Nuruzzaman, VP Marketing, Xperi Corporation

IMAPS Device Packaging Conference
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